Class Staff:

Willow Teacher: Miss Nicholas

Willow Teaching Assistant: Mrs Burgess, Mrs Wright and Mrs Johnson

Class information:

Willow Class is an Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) class.


Week 1 News & Books – share news, writing our news
give out books
3d shape- to recognise 3d shapes and their properties.

Week 2 - Focus story - Kitchen disco- Writing lists, sequencing using time language and descriptive writing.
To know and recognise numbers 1-20 in a random order. Counting amounts up to 20.
Fruit tasting- senses and fruit salad making. Fruit painting. Invite making and writing.
Physical Development - Limbo dancing

Week 3 Focus story - The Hungry Caterpillar.
Numbers 1-20 1 more / 1 less up to 20. Days of the week.
Ordering of foods./ sequencing.
Life cycle of a caterpillar.
Caterpillar making.
Simple, sentences writing.

Week 4 Focus story - The Hungry Caterpillar
Book review writing
Adding up to 20
Lycle cycle of a caterpillar.
Butterfly painting - symmetry

Week 5 Focus - Dinosaurs stories.
Subtraction up to 20
Fact writing.
Book reviews.
Identifying types of dinosaurs

Week 6 - Focus story - Dear Zoo
Doubling simple numbers up to 10.
Letter writing.
Trip preparation

Week 7 - Focus story - Dear Zoo (Trip)
Fact writing and descriptive writing about animals.
Collage of animals.
Animal patterns and prints.

Week 8 / - Focus Story - The Three Pigs
Story structure Speech bubbles
Character description writing.
Material investigation .
Pig making.
Positional language - mathematics

Week 9- Focus Story - The Three Pigs
Story language.
Re writing the story.
Collage making
Adding and subtracting

Week 10-The Rainbow Fish - TBC

Week 11- assessment week

Week 12 - Reflection on my time in reception.

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