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School Clubs

Summer Term 2018


3.05 - 4.15pm - Treasure Hunt (Mr C-Jones)

3.05 – 4.00pm – KS1/2 Gymnastics (Mr C-Jones)

3.05 - 4.00pm - KS1/2 Athletics (Mrs Nash/Mrs Fox)
3.05 - 4.15pm - Yr5/6 Film Club (Ms Denham)

3.05 - 4.00pm - KS1/2 Lego (Mrs Fox)
3.05 - 4.00pm - KS2 Table Tennis (Mr C-Jones)

3.05 – 4.00pm – KS1/2 Badminton (Mr C-Jones)
3.05 - 4.00pm - KS1 Tennis (Mr Last, Sax Tennis Club)
3.05 - 3.45pm - KS2 Sketching (Mrs Evans)
3.45 – 5.00pm – Yr 5 Brass Ensemble (SCC Music)

3.05 – 4.00pm – KS1/2 Board Games (Mrs Fox)
3.05 – 4.00pm – Outdoor Team Games (Mrs Fox)
3.05 – 4.00pm – Cricket (from 11th May) (Mrs Fox)

Please follow the link to book your child's clubs: Spring Term 2018 Club Booking Form. Clubs will run for 10 weeks from Monday 15th January until Thursday 29th March. Please ensure your complete your forms by Wednesday 10th January.

We do our best to give everyone a place at the club(s) of their choice, but please be aware that safety and enjoyment mean that all clubs have a maximum number, and a waiting list may be used when a club is full.


Breakfast Club

We currently have a limit of 20 places available for each day. Please note that bookings will be taken on a first-come first-served basis.

Sessions booked must be the same every week e.g., every Monday, or every Tuesday etc. for the period of a full half-term block. All sessions must be booked in advance and paid for at a charge of £3.00 per session for 1-3 sessions per week, or £2.50 for 4 or more sessions per week. Please note, we cannot make refunds even if your child is sick or on holiday. Children may not attend unless they have pre-booked and ensured that they have been allocated a place.

The completion of the Booking Form (see below) will secure sessions on a half-termly basis. This document will form the contract once signed and will expire at the end of each half-term. New booking forms will be issued prior to the start of the following half-term. We require all contracted sessions to be paid for in advance, as set out in the Fees and Payment Policy (available to view on our Policies webpage).

The Booking Form MUST BE completed, signed and returned to the school office in an envelope by the end of each half-term, along with your Registration Form (see below) and payment, to secure your child’s sessions for the next half-term. Please make cheques payable to ‘Saxmundham Primary School’.

Copies of these documents can be downloaded from the list below or can be requested from the school office.


Breakfast Club Booking Form - December 2018

Breakfast Club Booking Form (family) - Oct - Dec 1

Breakfast Club Registration Form

Breakfast Club Information Sheets

Breakfast Club Booking Letter Oct - Dec 18

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