Medicines & Illness

Medical information

A medical form is given to you when your child starts school. Please keep us informed of any medical requirements (asthma, allergies etc.). If your child requires an inhaler or other medication (e.g. epipen)* at school, please check that it is in date and replaced before the expiry date. The form also requests your permission for medical screening to be carried out by the school nurse.

Let us know in advance if your child is going to be out of school for a medical or dental appointment. For check-ups and pre-planned visits, please try to make appointments during school holidays or after the school day is finished.

Children must not bring any medication to school (including cough and throat lozenges) unless by prior arrangement with the school

* We would not normally administer any medication in school, other than that which is pre-arranged for on-going conditions, such as asthma and diabetes. However, for children who require regular medication as part of a long-term condition, this can be arranged and a full medical care plan drawn up between parents and school.



If a child becomes ill at school, we call the parents/carers as soon as possible so that the child can be taken home. Please make sure that your emergency contact details are kept up to date.

If your child has diarrhoea or vomiting, we ask that they remain at home until he or she has been clear of this condition for 48 hours, to avoid the spread of illness to others. For other conditions, we follow current medical advice and this is available from our office staff.

If your child is ill and unable to come into school, please ring or email the school and inform the office staff before 9.30am on the first morning of absence, and on subsequent days until your child is able to return to school.

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