School Day

Our School Day

08.45 am – 08.55 am Registration
10.30 am – 10.45 am Break
11.50 pm – 12.45 pm Lunch - Reception & KS1*
12.10 pm – 13.05 pm Lunch - KS2**
12.45 pm – 12.50 pm Registration - Reception & KS1*
13.05 pm – 13.10 pm Registration - KS2**
14.15 pm – 14.30 pm Break - - Reception & KS1*
15.05 pm School ends

* Reception and Key Stage 1 (KS1):Year 1 and Year 2
** Key Stage 2 (KS2): Years 3 – 6


09.00 am Whole School Assembly

10.15 am KS2 Assembly

09.00 am Whole School Celebration Assembly


Children should arrive at school between 8.35am and 8.45am. On arrival, children and their parents/carers should wait on the playground until the bell is rung, except on wet days when pupils can go straight into their classrooms via the atrium. At the bell children should line up in their classes and wait to file into school with a teacher.
Reception children should go with their parent/carer to the Ash & Willow garden gate where they will be met by their teacher or teaching assistant as they go into class.

Going Home

At the end of the day children are handed over to their parent/carer. Children in Reception classes leave through their outdoor area where their parents wait for them. Younger children, Years 1 and 2, leave by the atrium door to meet their parents in the playground. Older children, Years 3 -6, leave via the outside doors at the eastern end of the building.

For safety and for your peace of mind, please let your child’s teacher or our office staff know in advance, if your child is to be collected from school by someone other than the person who normally does this.

We need written permission from parents/carers if any child is allowed to go home on their own.

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