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Saxmundham Primary School

EYFS Approach

Throughout both Reception classes, we focus on independent learning and play through carefully planned provision. In addition to our indoor classrooms, both year groups have an outdoor area resourced with bikes, muddy kitchens, sand pits and much more. Our extensive school grounds enable the children to participate in Forest School, and enhanced outdoor play.

Adult-led activities

In Reception, the children have short adult-led activities throughout the week which focus on the different areas of the EYFS curriculum. In Reception, there is a phonic session and maths session every day as well as short adult-led activities throughout the week which focus on different elements of the curriculum. The learning takes place in small groups to support children further.


Tapestry Learning Journey

Every child in EYFS has their own 'Learning Journey'. This learning journey is a unique document. The adults working with your child will collect a range of evidence in order to show the progress your child is making as well as to clearly illustrate the characteristics of learning your child is demonstrating at a point in time. This evidence focuses on the learning that your child shows independently throughout the setting. 

At Saxmundham Primary, we use an online learning journal called 'Tapestry'. You can view your child's learning at any time through an app which we will provide you a secure code to access. You can also add any other learning from home and complete activities we add for homework tasks.  Please click on the link below to find out more information about what your child will learn during their time at Saxmundham as well as how the EYFS curriculum works. 


Early Years

Fun in the Forest sessions is an inspirational process that offers children in Reception opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland environment. By introducing Forest sessions at Saxmundham Primary, we aim to nurture an understanding and respect for natural places where children experience nature at firsthand through a series of engaging and achievable tasks. The Fun in the forest experience brings learning to life and improves a child’s ability to work cooperatively whilst also offering them opportunities to take risks, make choices and initiate learning.


At Saxmundham, children attend Fun in the forest sessions every week within the second half of the Spring Term. The sessions are led by Miss Nicholas, with other class teachers TA’s and volunteers supporting. During these sessions, children experience all sorts of woodland activities that help them to build an understanding and appreciation of the woodland as well as learn together in a totally unique way. The activities are always hands-on and may require the use of a range of tools. The sessions will also allow time for peer mentoring and for the children to reflect on their experiences in the Forest.