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School Logo

Saxmundham Primary School

Who’s Who

Chief Executive Officer for East Anglian Schools Trust

Mr A Goduti


Head of School

Mrs M Box


Deputy Headteacher

Miss T Ives



Mrs P Benstock


Early Years Unit - Acorn and Conker Class

Mrs N Cannon

Mrs S Andrews

Miss E Rowe

Mrs M Mayhew

Mrs A Wells

Miss L Moore

Miss L Martin


Maple Class - Year 1 & 2

Miss J Howe

Mrs A Higgins


Hazel Class - Year 1 & 2

Mrs S Hembling

Mrs J Inglis

Mrs N Johnson 


Cherry Class- Year 1 and 2

Mr T Wood

Mrs M Naylor


Lilac Class - Year 3 & 4

Mrs J Bones 

Mrs L Norton 


Aspen Class - Year 3 & 4

Mr D Holland

Mrs D Asher


Cedar Class - Year 5 & 6

Mrs J Head

Mrs E Mawson

Mrs C Pinion


Juniper Class - Year 5 & 6

Mrs H Stockwell-Jones

Mrs Z McKay


Elder Class - Year 5 & 6

Mr B Robinson 

Mrs A Eves


Staff supporting across various classes

Miss I Copping

Miss E Coull

Miss K Gooch

Mrs S Stephenson



Ms M Maller


Forest Schools Lead

Mrs L Denny



Miss E Rowe

Mrs S Rowe


Office Staff

Ms M Bridgman

Mrs P Brown



Miss I Copping

Miss E Coull

Miss K Gooch

Mrs M Naylor


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs D Asher

Mrs P Cartwright-Jones


After-School Club Staff

Miss K Gooch

Miss L Moore

Mrs M Naylor