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Saxmundham Primary School


Hazel class is a Key Stage 1 class with children from years 1 and 2.  The class teachers are Mrs Inglis and Mrs Hembling and the teaching assistant is Mrs Johnson.

Hazel Class Summer Term 2024


Summer Term 1:

This term in English we will be working on a short video called ‘lucky Dip.’ We will start by exploring the themes of the video and discussing the emotions that we may feel. We will then write diaries and a short story to illustrate our understanding. We will compare this to another video unit called ‘Baboon on the moon’. Our Guided reading for this half term is called ‘The Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown’.

In Maths, the children will be continuing with fractions before moving onto time and then consolidating their learning through word problems. Across the wider curriculum, in History we will be looking at how houses and homes have changed. We will take a walk around Saxmundham to look at the different types of houses that are within our area and look at the features of a modern house, before travelling through time to see how they have changed.

In Science, we will explore the processes of growth in animals. We will explore the term “offspring” and explore and explore the life cycles of different animals.  In Music we will be continuing to look at rhythm and how we can apply this using a variety of instruments.


Summer Term 2:

To finish the term, in English the children will end with a non-fiction book called ‘Moth’. We will be focusing on learning about the Moths asking questions and researching answers and focusing on the layout before creating their own fact files about the species. In Maths the children will be learning about position and direction focusing on half turns, full turns, quarter turns. We will also look at statistics exploring how these can be presented: graphs, pictograms and block graphs.


Across the wider curriculum, in Geography the children will be recalling their learning all about Africa and the children will compare their local area to another home in Africa, looking at the similarities (if any) and differences and compare the lifestyle of other African villagers.  In Science we will look at how they can care for wildlife in their local area explore “wildlife” and the ways animals and plants help humans. We will explore the ways in which we can encourage wildlife within the school environment. In ICT we shall explore animation where we will learn about what animations are and how they are created. We will then explore by creating our own based on ideas from ‘stop motion’ films.


The PE sessions during the Summer Term will be on Tuesday and Wednesday. Children should have a complete PE kit in a PE bag that remains at school until the end of each half term. Ear rings should be removed for PE lessons as long hair should be tied up. In Summer Term 2, after the half term children will have swimming as part one of their PE lessons.