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Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership at Saxmundham Primary


We believe that encouraging our pupils to participate in pupil leadership roles helps them to develop a range of personal skills and qualities along with benefiting the children and the wider school community.

There are many leadership opportunities for pupils to contribute to the life of our school. These include:

  • School Council Leaders
  • Eco-Warriors
  • Online Safety Ambassadors
  • Junior Librarians
  • Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO)


Members of staff oversee each of the pupil leadership roles and follow an application process when appointing new pupil leaders. Regular meetings are held throughout the academic year so to continually develop and sustain a positive impact across the school and beyond.


Below are the pupil leadership roles we are currently running at our school, along with some supporting information about each of them.

Online Safety Ambassadors


The Online Safety Ambassadors are a group of year 5 and 6 pupils who spread online safety messages across the school. They complete challenges such as creating Online Safety leaflets or posters and by running assemblies and presentations for their peers. Mr Head runs the Online Safety Ambassadors.

Junior Librarians
Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs)